The VELUX Brand Identity Guide 

The VELUX Brand Identity Guide offers design and communication guidance, best practice and inspiration. It combines guidelines on how we express the VELUX brand both in design (logo, typography, colours, photos, etc.) and in our communication (target groups, brand protection, tone-of-voice, etc.)

The guide aims to align everyone working with VELUX communication and marketing, thereby ensuring a consistent brand expression across borders, target groups and channels.

How to use the BIG

We want all our materials to be consistent, properly aligned and easy to use, which is why our BIG includes templates, master applications, training, knowledge sharing and a brand helpdesk support (free of charge).


Templates and master applications

Standard applications, pre-­defined templates and master ­applications are in place for applications commonly used throughout the VELUX Group. These tools strengthen our brand by ensuring visual consistency, giving our business partners and customers confidence that VELUX is a successful, professional company they can trust.

Templates are pre-defined in terms of format, layout and content. Materials that should not be changed (aside from translation), such as signage and stationery, use templates. A master application is a pattern or model that a designer can use as a starting point before modifying the material for local needs or a specific campaign.

You can download templates and master applications at We Share.

The VELUX brand helpdesk

The brand helpdesk provides ­information and assistance on the VELUX brand – and branding in general. Our helpdesk is always available on your desktop, providing answers or in­formation within two working days. However, requests that require a thorough investigation may take a bit longer.

Brand Helpdesk on Yammer ­is a free service that not only helps us avoid mistakes, but also helps us share knowledge and best practices.

Training and dialogue

To help us keep the BIG up-­­to-date and relevant, we need training and knowledge sharing. We want to familiarise everyone with the BIG – and to stimulate the kind of critical and creative thinking that leads to innovative and inspired ways of approaching BIG issues and problems.

We also want your feedback. Then, we can evaluate and de­velop our brand in a consistent direction across all markets and target all relevant groups consistently.

Please send your feedback to Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.