Brand protection

The VELUX brand is one of the strongest and best known brands in the building material industry. But with high brand awareness comes a threat: that our brand name will be synonymous with any roof window in the market.

Why is it important?
If the VELUX trademark becomes generic, it will be available to everyone, and we will no longer be able to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Instead of being market leaders, we’d be just another company making 'veluxes'. Sales and product innovation would decline – and that’s why we all need to care. Right now, our VELUX trademark helps our customers tell our products apart from our competitors'. We need to keep it that way.

Help us protect the VELUX brand.

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  • Four simple rules


    1. Write VELUX in CAPITAL letters
    2. Connect the VELUX name to a product or descriptor
    3. Check the dos and don’ts when in doubt
    4. Be alert – let us know if you see the VELUX brand name misused
  • Dos and Don’ts

    General guidelines

    Guidelines Examples DO Examples DON’T
    Always combine the VELUX trademark with a generic word or product category to emphasise that VELUX is a trademark and not a generic term for a roof window.

    The VELUX system comprises a complete range of products for installation in the roof.

    VELUX products are known for their high quality.

    VELUX employees are involved in many projects in their local communities.

    To learn more about the VELUX Group and our activities, click this link.

    VELUX Group companies have achieved several international certifications.

    The VELUX brand has a strong international reputation.

    To learn more about VELUX, click this link.
    (Could be a VELUX product, the VELUX Group or a VELUX sales company)

    VELUX has a strong international reputation.
    (Could be our brand, the VELUX Group or a roof window)

    We must ensure that everyone who needs daylight in their home chooses VELUX.
    (Could be the VELUX brand, a roof window – or, if the customer associates VELUX with a generic term for roof window, any roof window by any manufacturer on the market.)

    VELUX has achieved several international certifications.
    (Could be any VELUX product or company)

    VELUX develops, manufactures and markets a range of products that bring daylight into buildings.
    (This could be any sales company or the VELUX Group as a whole)

    VELUX is always written in capital letters, except in web addresses. The VELUX trademark.

    Velux is a registered trademark. The velux trademark is well-known all over the world.

    The first time VELUX is mentioned, it is followed by the registration symbol. VELUX® roof windows are high-quality products, developed over a period of more than 60 years... The VELUX roof window can be rotated at 180°.
    VELUX must always be treated as an indeclinable adjective. VELUX must not be part of a compound or be written with a hyphen. VELUX must never be enclosed in quotation marks. VELUX roof windows are known for their high quality.

    VELUX-roof windows are manufactured in 11 countries.

    The builders installed three VELUX’es in the roof.

    VELUX’/VELUX’s climate strategy is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 % before 2020.

    “VELUX” is a well-known brand in the building industry.

    The German VELUX-company is headquartered in Hamburg.

    Company names


    Guidelines Examples DO Examples DON’T

    When VELUX appears in the company name, the registration symbol ® is not used and only VELUX is written fully in capital letters.

    The first time VELUX is written in any context, it must be followed by the registered symbol (®).

    Be specific and unambiguous when referring to companies in our Group. It must be clear whether you are talking about the entire VELUX Group or a specific sales company or factory.

    VELUX Danmark A/S has made a new brochure about sustainable living.

    VELUX Schweiz AG xxxx

    VELUX Company Ltd is a sales and marketing organisation covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    VELUX A/S and all VELUX Group companies follow VKR Holding A/S’ competition law compliance policy.

    VELUX® Danmark A/S is our Danish sales company.
    (Do not use the registration symbol in company names.)

    (Only write VELUX in capital letters.)

    For over 60 years VELUX Company Ltd has manufactured the world's leading roof windows.
    (That company was not established until 1979, so this information refers to the VELUX Group. The information would also not be precise as the manufacturing company is Fife Joinery Manufacturing Limited.)

    All factories that produce VELUX roof windows are owned by VELUX.
    (This could be any sales company or the VELUX Group.)

    The VELUX Group

    Guidelines Examples DO Examples DON’T

    The VELUX Group is to be used when referring to the entire company group, i.e. all factories, sales companies and support systems.

    “The VELUX Group” should be translated to the relevant local language

    The VELUX Group has about 9,500 employees and is owned by VKR Holding A/S.

    The VELUX Group has manufacturing companies in nine countries.

    About the VELUX Group

    VELUX A/S has about 9,500 employees.
    (It is not the VELUX A/S support system that has 9,500 employees, but the VELUX Group.)

    VELUX has manufacturing companies in nine countries.
    (It must be specified that the VELUX Group is meant here.)

    About VELUX
    (Could be roof windows or the VELUX Group or a sales company)

    Sales companies and factories

    Guidelines Examples DO Examples DON’T

    When referring to individual companies in external material, always use the complete company name as registered.

    Do not translate company names.

    Do not write company names with a hyphen or other alternative forms or spellings of the name.

    Do not use VELUX as synonymous with the name of a sales company.

    If the location or nature of the company is not easily recognised from the name alone, you may help the reader by adding an explanation when relevant.

    In text for readers within the Group, you may write the full company name the first time followed by the abbreviation in brackets and then use the abbreviation in the following text.

    VELUX Magyarország Fertödi Építökomponent Kft. is our Hungarian manufacturing company.

    VELUX Danmark A/S

    VELUX Belgium S.A

    VELUX Company Ltd. can help you select the right window model.

    VELUX Danmark A/S, our Danish sales company, was represented at the event.

    Our American factory VELUX Greenwood Inc. is located in South Carolina.

    VELUX Danmark A/S (V-DK) has implemented lean processes… The manager of V-DK is…

    VELUX Magyarország was established in xxxx

    VELUX Denmark A/S is located in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen.

    VELUX-Belgium S.A. was established in 1957.

    VELUX can help you select the optimum glazing unit for your project.

    VELUX in Denmark has…
    VELUX in Denmark A/S is…


    Guidelines Examples DO Examples DON’T

    VELUX A/S should be used about the company registered under that name, i.e. Danish VELUX support systems.

    VELUX A/S should only be used if it is important to refer to the legal entity VELUX A/S. Otherwise use the VELUX Group.

    VELUX A/S is headquartered in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen.

    You will find press releases from the VELUX Group in the “Press” section at

    VELUX A/S is a manufacturer of roof windows…
    (VELUX A/S is a support system, not a manufacturing company.)

    VELUX A/S has manufacturing companies in nine countries.
    (Manufacturing companies are subsidiaries of the VELUX Group, not of VELUX A/S)

  • Trademark

    The VELUX registered trademarks

    The VELUX name and the VELUX logo are registered trademarks and the sole property of the VELUX Group. Our aim is to protect and enforce our rights to the VELUX trademarks through all available means, including taking legal action in the event of their infringement.

    Any party using the VELUX trademarks, including the VELUX Group, must observe the following trademark guidelines.

    The VELUX logo trademark

    For all usage of the registered VELUX logo trademark the following mandatory rules must always be applied:

    1. The VELUX logo should be reproduced as white text and the registration symbol ® on a specified red background. If that is not possible, the logo may be reproduced as white text on a black background. Other reproductions are not permitted.
    2. When reproducing the logo only an original logo file may be used.

    The VELUX name trademark: VELUX®

    The following rules apply to the use of the registered word VELUX:

    1. VELUX must be treated as an adjective. This means it must stand together with a noun, for example: VELUX roof windows, VELUX Group, VELUX sun tunnels.
    2. The only exception is our web address: The first time VELUX is written in any context, it must be followed by the registered symbol (®).
    3. VELUX must always be written in all capital letters.
    4. When VELUX is part of the company name, the registration symbol (®) is not used and only VELUX is written in all capital letters. Example: VELUX Australia Pty. Ltd.
    5. VELUX products are written according to the standards set by the VELUX Group.
  • Tools and help

    The below tools are useful in protecting the VELUX brand.

    VELUX Brand Identity Guide

    Always remember to share the VELUX Brand Identity Guide with partners and agencies to make sure they adhere to our brand guidelines.

    Brand Helpdesk on Yammer

    You can always contact us in the Brand Helpdesk Yammer group. Our team is ready to quickly answer your question.

    Tone-of-voice guide

    Our tone-of-voice guide “Write” will help you develop easy-to-read and inspiring communication for all target groups. Share the guide with agencies and copywriters to make sure they use the right tone in their work for us.

    You can find the tone-of-voice guide here (e-book version here).