Sound identity

Audio is one of our strongest senses and an important touch-point in customer interaction. Every audible experience of the brand creates an overall memory and impression.

We have utilised the power of audio branding and developed a VELUX sound. Our goal is that everyone who hears it will always be able to recognise the VELUX brand no matter through which touch-point they meet us.

Gives the VELUX brand an extra sense

  • Music guidelines

    VELUX music:

    Adjust according to context

    Rules for implementation:

    Category 1: Film production where high emotional impact is crucial

    • New compositions (tailor made)
    • Ensures strong VELUX brand footprint
    • Loops from our VELUX toolbox must be incorporated
    • Chimney Music assists the external composer as music consultant Please contact Anders Lundgren
    Note icon Do not use music that is not paid for!
    Original music, like music hits, are not allowed without payment due to infringement – even for internal use.

    Find VELUX brand music in We Share. Music tracks are divided into moods:

    • Caring and reassuring
    • Dynamic and joyful
    • Energetic and genuine
    • Inventive and dynamic

    Components>Audio>Audio branding>VELUX brand music

    Library music (not tailor-made)

    Use for film productions with a high degree of emotional impact but where budgets are limited.
    Category 2: Low-cost productions (e.g. installation videos)

    • Use only existing music from the VELUX toolbox
    • Use where strong emotional impact is not crucial
    • Please contact Anders Lundgren with questions
  • Audio logo guidelines

    VELUX audio logo:

    Mandatory on all types of production

    Rules when implementing:

    • Use fixed audio logo composition to create recognition of VELUX brand
    • Instrumentation is free and can be adapted to ensure a musical fit
    • To be used on all film productions that end with the VELUX logo and signature (Bringing light to life)
    • Bringing light to life animation is mandatory on all film productions

    Find end frame with logo, Bringing light to life animation and url for all countries in We Share.

    Tools>film>End frame