The VELUX Group uses a monolithic, single brand structure with VELUX® as the corporate trademark. To ensure a strong focus on the VELUX corporate brand and a cost-effective marketing strategy, the use of sub-brands (secondary trademarks) within the VELUX Group is kept to an absolute minimum.

The VELUX Group currently employs four sub-brands: VELUX INTEGRA®, VELUX CABRIO®, VELUX ACTIVE and VELUX STUDIO.






    VELUX CABRIO® naming structure

    Communication of VELUX CABRIO® products should follow this structure:

    Brand + sub-brand + generic product description + code  

    VELUX products
    VELUX CABRIO® balcony


    The VELUX sub-brand VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO has its very own logo and it is available in two variants.

    Logo used on a background

    Choose the bright version

    The bright logotype is the preferred version and should be chosen when possible. The bright version works fine on grey backgrounds or superimposed on an image if a calm area is available. The dark version works well in tricky situations where the backgrounds are too bright, busy or contrastfull.


    VELUX ACTIVE is a product developed in partnership with Netatmo which also include an agreement on co-branding of the product. The CO-branding is mandatory to follow in any produced content that includes VELUX ACTIVE. In all communication you need to make sure that you are compliant with the guidelines.

    • The full product name and App name are “VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO”
    • To simplify, in some cases described hereafter, the short product name “VELUX ACTIVE” can be used instead
    • The full product name can be expressed with the 3-lines logo or in typo
    • If “VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO” has been mentioned before – then use “The App” to avoid too much brand names. In case the App is mentioned separate from the product. Then start with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO app. Followed by “the App”.


    A4 ad. Preferred solution

    VELUX INTEGRA® naming structure

    The VELUX INTEGRA® sub-brand covers all our electrical products that are based on io-homecontrol – both mains- and solar-powered.

    Use the following naming structure:

    Brand + sub-brand + added feature + generic product description + code

    VELUX manual products
    VELUX INTEGRA® automatic products
    VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window
    VELUX INTEGRA® solar roof window
    VELUX INTEGRA® electric blind
    VELUX INTEGRA® solar blind
    VELUX INTEGRA® electric roller shutter
    VELUX INTEGRA® solar roller shutter
    VELUX INTEGRA® control pad

    VELUX INTEGRA® naming guidelines

    1. Never split 1 and 2

    2. Write in the following order: 1/2 + 3 + 4 + 5 (BA, DE, DK, EE, FI, GB, HR, LT, LV, NL, NO, RS, SE, TR)

      VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof window GGL OR VELUX INTEGRA® mains-powered roof window GGL
      VELUX INTEGRA® solar roof window GGL OR VELUX INTEGRA® solar-powered roof window GGL
      VELUX INTEGRA® electric roller shutter SML
      VELUX INTEGRA® solar roller shutter SSL
      VELUX INTEGRA® control pad KLR 200

    3. Languages with special word order:

      4 + 3 + 1/2 + 5: (ES, FR, IT, PT, RO, RU, SI): fenêtre de toit solaire VELUX INTEGRA® GGL
      3 + 4 + 1/2 + 5: (BG, CZ, PL, SK): solarny okno do poddaszy VELUX INTEGRA® GGL
      1/2 + 5 + 3 + 4: (HU): VELUX INTEGRA® GGL napelemes tetőtéri ablak

    VELUX INTEGRA®  examples

    Use of io-homecontrol® logo

    Use these guidelines whenever the communication of a brand or several brands refers to io-homecontrol®.

    Particular applications can make custom-made communication an option. Any such communication requires approval from the VELUX Group io-homecontrol® responsible.

    Please contact VKR Holding A/S at for any trademark questions, including inquiries into which countries have registered VELUX trademarks.


    Clear space
    There should always be a clear space around the logo when used in a layout. This space is the height or width of the graphical square shape, on all sides of the logo.

    Find the full version of the io-homecontrolmanual at
    Search: VELUX guidelines/io-homecontrol manual manual

    1. Principle
    The logotype must be the same as is registered. The logo should always be applied correctly. Never attempt to redraw or recreate this logo. Always use the electronic logo artwork provided as it is. Personal adjustments are NOT allowed.

    The logo comprises both the symbol and the typography. These elements should always appear in a fixed relationship and never be modified. Download the logo from
    Search: components/logo/internal logo/io homecontrol

    2. Colours
    Due to practical and cost-related reasons, try always to use the logo in one colour when printing. The io-homecontrol® logo colour is Pantone Cool Grey 8 C.

    C51, M42, Y37, K3
    Greyscale: 43% black
    Pantone® Cool Grey 8 C
    HEX: #8d8d8e
    RAL: 7004
    RGB: R141, G141, B142
    LAB: 59 0 -1

    3. Black and reversed version
    In some cases only black is permitted. To replicate the original io-homecontrol® color, decrease black by 43% (1). If this is not possible, choose a solid (100%) black (2).

    Use the reversed version (3) whenever the background is too dark and may compromise legibility.




    4. Background control
    Whenever the logo sits on solid colour, be aware of the contrast between logo and background. Fading of the logo is not permitted. When applied to a picture, make sure the background is not too light (1) or busy. (2).

    5. The text box
    The text box describes the io-homecontrol® technology and the user benefits. It must be present in any editorial communication, developed by io-homecontrol® corporate communication.

    See more languages in the manual at
    Search: VELUX Guidelines/io-homecontrol graphic guidelines
    For languages search: io-homecontrol logo

    The background colour of the io-homecontrol® text box must always be white

    6. Size and positioning
    The size of the io-homecontrol® text box must be adjusted according to the available space. If it is too small, it will not stand out. If it is too large, it may distort the communication by overpowering other elements.

    The preferred location on a document is the bottom-left area. Ideally the element should take up half the page width.
    The io-homecontrol® text box should never be smaller than 6 cm.

    Note icon The io-homecontrol® text box should always be used fully. Personal adjustments are not allowed.