Colours are another important element in the VELUX brand. Consistent use of an iconic or trademark colour bolsters brand recognition, for example Heineken's green, Pepsi's blue and Marlboro's red.

To ensure the correct colour match each time you print, please use the VELUX colour definitions. Colours can vary in hue and intensity depending on the surface they are applied to, so it's always a good idea to check the reproduced colours against the colour card.

Never give suppliers previously produced material or other colour samples as a reference! Always use the VELUX colour card. You can order yours from Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.

  • VELUX Red 

    Corporate colour
    VELUX Red, with its direct reference to the VELUX logotype, is our trademark colour. VELUX Red is powerful and warm, and it creates a strong commercial impact in busy environments, such as points-of-sale.

    Because it is our trademark colour, we must use VELUX Red with care. It is not a widely used colour in either online or offline applications, as it is reserved for our logo and our POS material in the form of Expanded Red.

    VELUX Red
    C0, M100, Y100, K0
    Pantone® 485 C
    R255, G0, B0
    RGB for TVC: R229, G7 B7
    NCS: S 1085-Y80R
    RAL: 2002 Blutorange

    Expanded Red
    (same values)

    Colour for digital use (only)

    Remember to use this variation of VELUX red colour for websites, mobile apps, and any other digital tools.

    VELUX Red for Digital
    R238, G0, B0

  • Primary colours

    The white represents space, light and fresh air, so we should use it as an active colour. In ads and brochures the white must be used as a dominant background colour.

    The VELUX Blue is a natural reference to the sky. Its light tone lends a fresh, crisp expression to many applications.

    The neutral and aesthetic qualities of the VELUX Grey colours represent the high quality found in the VELUX brand. VELUX Light, Medium and Dark Grey complement the stronger VELUX Red and VELUX Blue colours.

    C0, M0, Y0, K0
    R255, G255, B255
    NCS: S 0500-N
    RAL: 9016 Verkehrsweiss

    VELUX Blue
    C41, M2, Y0, K0
    Pantone® 2905 C
    R169, G202, B229
    HEX: #a9cae5
    NCS: S0540-R90B
    RAL: Design 230 80 20
    RGB for TVC: R168, G210, B244

    VELUX Light Grey
    C0, M0, Y3, K12
    Pantone® Cool Grey 2 C
    R224, G224, B224
    HEX: #e0e0e0
    NCS: S 1500-N
    RAL: Design 000 85 00
    RGB for TVC: R224, G224, B224

    VELUX Medium Grey
    C0, M0, Y3, K30
    Pantone® Cool Grey 5 C
    R196, G196, B196
    HEX: #c4c4c4
    NCS: S 3000-N
    RAL: Design 000 75 00
    RGB for TVC: R176, G176, B176

    VELUX Dark Grey
    C0, M0, Y2, K65
    Pantone® Cool Grey 10 C
    R123, G122, B121
    HEX: #7b7a79
    NCS: S 6000-N
    RAL: Design 000 45 00
    RGB for TVC: R104, G104, B104

  • Secondary colours

    We developed a set of secondary colours to use in our graphs, pie charts and other diagrams. These colours complement our primary colours, and are only for use in these special visual aids. They are not for use over large areas, and should not dominate the layout in either online or offline applications.

    VELUX Dark Red
    C0, M100, Y100, K22
    RGB: R131, G21, B21
    HEX: #a11515

    VELUX Dark Blue
    C80, M45, Y10, K20
    RGB: R71, G105, B150
    HEX: #476996

    VELUX Dusty Black
    C75, M75, Y75, K75
    RGB: R40, G35, B31
    HEX: #28231f

    VELUX Light Red
    C0, M70, Y40, K0
    RGB: R209, G107, B118
    HEX: #d16b76

    Note icon Secondary colours can be used to facilitate navigation. Secondary colours must never be used as a dominating design feature.

    Secondary colours for digital only

    Grey 1
    HEX: #F0F0F0
    Used in column background colour

    Grey 2
    HEX: #E1E1E1
    Used in column background colour

    Grey 3
    HEX: #C4C4C4
    Used in column background colour

    Grey 4
    HEX: #494949
    Used in column background colour

    HEX: #333333
    Used for standard text and button

Incorrect use

Consistent use of our corporate colours helps customers recognise the VELUX brand. Using only our specified colours for splashes and other elements will keep our visual identity consistent – and our brand strong.

Use only VELUX colours – do not make new ones for splashes or other purposes

Do not use VELUX Red as banner

Other coloured elements

  • Colours and typography
    This image illustrates the correct and incorrect combinations of VELUX colours in backgrounds and typography. You should always avoid combinations marked with a red or black line. All other combinations are acceptable.
    Remember to use only VELUX primary colours in these combinations. Our secondary colours are only for use in graphs, charts and other diagrams.

    Use of coloured type

    To create more interest or for a specific design, you can use coloured type. However, you should limit the use of coloured text to headings. Use only black or white for body text.
    You can use almost any VELUX corporate colour in a heading. The exception is VELUX Dark Grey, which can appear to be poorly printed black.

    Correct use

    Incorrect use

    Text in coloured boxes

    Text in coloured boxes can be a powerful graphic tool for structure and navigation. Coloured boxes under text should not be used for decoration.

    Good examples of navigation

    Colour used for separated tabs

    Pricelist with coloured boxes used for structure

    Blue and grey boxes should not be used solely for decoration. Many photos and boxes give a messy look and lack of clarity

    A coloured box in VELUX Red looks too much like our VELUX logo

  • Expanded Red

    To make our VDS even more effective, you can use an expanded area of VELUX Red together with the VELUX wordmark.

    The VELUX logotype should still have top priority on all promotional material, and Expanded Red should only be used where the logotype could be lost in the distracting visual elements around it.

    In markets where VELUX brand awareness is low, limit your use of Expanded Red to avoid diluting the brand or creating confusion in the market.

    If you have questions about using Expanded Red, please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.

    Note icon At least 50% of the application area should be red. See chapter Colours for more information.
    Note icon Use Expanded Red with care – it is not a substitute for the VELUX logotype.

    Wordmark positioning and clear space

    Here, the size and horizontal position of the wordmark can change according to the format of the application. Our three alternatives are shown here.

    Note that the wordmark is centred on narrow applications. In these types of applications, any text should be aligned left, not centred, as in our standard practise.

    If a VELUX product is shown or on display, do not write the product range in Expanded Red.

    If you have questions about using Expanded Red, please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.


    Covering the same area, but with different shapes, requires different wordmark sizes and positioning

    Wordmark size 50% of width

    Wordmark size 65% of width

    Wordmark size centered on width

    Note icon Remember: Expanded Red is not a substitute for the VELUX logotype – and the logotype with descriptor should never be used on an Expanded Red application.


    Minimum red area
    Despite our asymmetric layout rule, you may centre the workmark on narrow applications in order to achieve a suitable size. These applications should be treated the same as our standard applications in all other respects. This means any additional text should be aligned left – not centred.


    Position and space

    Incorrect use

    Overuse and misuse of Expanded Red in our communications will eventually weaken the strength of our logo, potentially damaging our brand. An example of improper usage is a rectangle that is larger than the logo box.

    Expanded Red is not a substitute for our logotype. The VELUX logotype should still have top priority on all promotional material, and Expanded Red should only be used where the logotype could be lost in the distracting visual elements around it.

    Note icon With the exception of the VELUX flag, POS materials and Giveaway Store (GAS) items, never use the VELUX wordmark vertically. Never use the logotype with descriptor on Expanded Red applications. Please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer with any Expanded Red questions.