Design essentials

  • Asymmetry

    An asymmetric design helps make your layout interesting and dynamic. Unlike a centred layout, asymmetric graphic elements direct the reader’s focus to, for example, the headline, an image or the text.

  • Clarity

    To create a successful design, focus on one or two key messages when you put together your information. A poor structure littered with too many ideas will confuse your readers – and your message will be lost.

    Please refer to the A4 and A65 layout guidelines, available for download at
    Search: VELUX Guidelines
  • Space

    White is an active colour in the BIG.

    White space and clarity are essential in a layout. White space lets your layout breathe, and helps you direct your readers to your most important messages.

    You can prioritise your messages to maximise white space in your layout. The main background colour of your layout must be white, unless you are using a full page image.

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    Rule of thumb: In a brochure 80% of the background colour must be white.

Design essentials in layout