UX principles

  • User focus

    What is User focus to us?
    We strive to create the best solutions to our users, and for that we need to know our users' needs and desires - and work to meet them.

    Why is it important?
    Our strategic ambition is to create solutions based on what matters to our users. So we need to define who our real audience is to create the right content for the right people.

    How to measure?
    We need to continually test our solutions with representatives from the relevant target group(s) to make sure we support their user journeys in the best possible way.

  • Efficient

    What is Efficient to us?
    Our goal is to create digital solutions where users can find helpful information and purchase VELUX products within a reasonable amount of time and with minimal effort.

    Why is it important?
    So users can enjoy quick, hassle-free shopping and easily find the information about products and services offered by us.

    How to measure?
    Count all errors made by the user when working on a certain task. That way, you can identify typical pain points and issues encountered by the users.


  • Effective

    What is Effective to us?
    We strive to create web pages with a highly intuitive structure so that completing the most wanted tasks at our shops and sites is simple for the users.

    Why is it important?
    So it's easy for our users to find the right products and complete a purchase.

    How to measure?
    Count the percentage of tasks that users complete successfully in relation to all tasks undertaken by the users. This will indicate whether the interface gives users what they're looking for when using our solutions.

    • http://usabilitygeek.com/usability-metrics-a-guide-to-quantify-system-usability/
    • https://www.nngroup.com/articles/success-rate-the-simplest-usability-metric/
  • Satisfying

    What is Satisfying for us?
    A core metrics within usability as described in ISO/IEC 9126-4 Metrics. Satisfaction is the ability to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of a person e.g. a VELUX customer.

    Why is it important?
    Keeping our customers satisfied and providing them with excellent products and services is part of the VELUX Strategy. As well, measuring customer satisfaction has been shown to improve improve customer retention.

    How to measure?
    We set KPI’s in relation to Customer Satisfaction and conduct usability testing with our target groups. When testing, a User Satisfaction score is measured through satisfaction questionnaires.

  • Relevant

    What is Relevant to us?
    It's not enough that your content is clear, it must also be relevant. Again, it is essential that you know your users and why they visit your solution to be able to create relevant, targeted content.

    Why is it important?
    Because it contributes to a good user experience. Users today have higher expectations on personalisation as well as relevant touchpoints, content, offers, and interactions.

    How to measure?
    We need to continually test our products with real people to keep us honest about what's important and relevant.
  • Trustworthy
    What is Trustworthy to us?
    We follow Jakob Nielsen's strategy on how to communicate trustworthiness, which recommends, for example, to have well-organised main navigations, use appropriate colour schemes and imagery, avoid typos and broken links and be transparent about information to the user.

    Why is it important?

    We want our sites to establish trust and present themselves as credible to turn users into customers.

    How to measure?
    It is possible to ask users to rate the trustworthiness of a digital solution in more ways e.g. in surveys, interviews or think-aloud tests.   

    • https://www.nngroup.com/articles/trustworthy-design/
  • Performance

    What is Performance to us?  
    Keeping our servers up, as well as compressing files and images, reducing the amount of scripts and broken links, etc.

    Why is it important?
    If our sites takes too long to load we will lose visitors, influences and interactions - so speed matters for the user as well as for our business.

    How to measure?
    There are several tools for measuring performance. Apart from page load time they will usually also show you what elements to optimise.