Banner ads

Best practices:

  • Go as simple as possible
  • Treat these ads as only one step in a journey
  • Don’t try to tell everything when we have limited space
  • Use simplicity, asymmetry, clarity and space in the layout
  • The text amount should be limited, and you should consider using a photo without too many details
  • Please also consider avoiding using text boxes
  • Optimize the images for web to ensure fast loading. It’s easy with different online tools, for example,

The standard banner sizes are:

  • 300x100 px
  • 300x250 px
  • 300x600 px
  • 728x90 px

If you have specific questions and you need guidance, please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer or your VELUX contact person.


The following banners have been used on the Marketing site

728x90 px

728x90 banner

300x600 px

300x600 banner

300x100 px

300x100 banner

300x250 px

300x250 banner