Landing pages

Guidelines are in the making

Please reach out to your VELUX contact person for guidance.
If you’re a VELUX colleague, please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.

We use landing pages for promoting special or seasonal events and content. Therefore, landing pages are used temporarily. If the landing page should become a permanent part of the site or e-shop, we integrate it in the menu and structure of the platform along with other pages.

 We always strive to create the same look and feel as on our main digital platforms that will host these landing pages.

 To see the detailed guidelines for each external platform, see Marketing sites, Shop sites, and Corporate site.

 If you are working on landing pages for our internal platforms, please see guidelines for VELUX One.

Examples of landing pages

  • Marketing sites

    When creating landing pages for marketing sites, consider the following options:

    • Adding or hiding the top and bottom navigation of the marketing site
    • Cross-linking to main product pages on the marketing site
    • Creating a short URL for the landing page using the Alias functionality in Sitecore CMS

    See the examples below showing landing pages for end users and professionals that were used for campaigns promoting new white painted roof windows.

  • Shop sites
    Content pending
  • Corporate site
    Content pending