Shop sites

The VELUX shops are designed for our end users. Their purpose is to deliver an optimum customer experience and to support the direct sale of VELUX blinds and spare parts. The relevance and quality of the shop sites should contribute to strengthening the end users’ preference for the VELUX brand.

The majority of the VELUX sales companies has a Blind shop, whereas the Spare part shop has only been rolled out to selected markets. Both shops are based on a global master site and built in Sitecore CMS.

For general information see Design elements.

Please get familiar with our design essentials: Asymmetry, Clarity and Space as well as our approach to Customer Experience and UX principles.

Owner: Online Sales Organisation  

If you have any questions about the VELUX Brand Identity Guide, please refer to your VELUX contact.

Guidelines are in the making

Please reach out to your VELUX contact person for guidance.
If you’re a VELUX colleague, please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.