Outdoor ads

These are advertisements displayed outdoors that publicise your business’s products and services, including billboards, bus benches, bus interiors and exteriors, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location.

Find the VELUX tone-of-voice here

  • Placement of logo

    The main VELUX logotype can appear on ads in two different positions, as shown below. By limiting the placement of the logotype, we minimise variation and ensure a coordinated, uniform appearance for all printed materials from the VELUX Group. Please find the logo in We Share for all formats and products We Share/Components/Logo/VELUX

    See how to use the logo with a descriptor

    Position 1 is intended for use on ads and in sales literature such as folders, brochures and posters.

    Position 2 is intended for use in advertisements and posters.

  • Clear space
    When enlarging the VELUX logotype, the proportion should always remain 1:3. Here are three examples of how to expand the logotype without distorting the proportions.

    VELUX Logo supersize position
    Example – Supersize 1

    VELUX Logo supersize position
    Example – Normal use

    VELUX Logo supersize position
    Example – Supersize 2

    VELUX Logo supersize position
    Example – Supersize 3


    In very large applications like billboards we have made an exception to the normal clear space rules for the logotype. Our supersize guidelines let you display the logotype in a larger size while still maintaining a good visual balance in layout.

    When utilised in sports arenas, we enlarge the logotype as much as possible without violating its proportions. The VELUX logotype must always appear in its standard 1:3 scale.

    Please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer if you have any questions about outdoor advertising.

    Billboard examples
  • Examples


Design resources

We have created some digital templates to help and ease you when designing for the VELUX marketing site.

The templates are available for both Photoshop and Sketch and include our 12 column grid and our colours.

You can also download the VELUX Gothic font.