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  • Placement of logo

    The main VELUX logotype can appear on ads in two different positions, as shown below. By limiting the placement of the logotype, we minimise variation and ensure a coordinated, uniform appearance for all printed materials from the VELUX Group.

    Please find the logo in We Share for all formats and products We Share/Components/Logo/VELUX

    See how to use the logo with a descriptor

    Position 1 is intended for use on ads and in sales literature such as folders, brochures and posters.

    Position 2 is intended for use on ads and in sales literature such as folders, brochures and posters.

  • Product ranges

    We lead the global market in roof windows, but when a brand is this successful, there is a risk of brand degeneration. If that were to happen to our brand, VELUX would become an everyday word for roof windows made by any company.

    Find all the product ranges here

    Always combine VELUX with the name of a product range. So, instead of letting VELUX stand alone, write VELUX roof windows or VELUX accessories.

    Without product range in headline

    The product range will often appear in an advertisement’s heading. In this case, you do not need to list the product range at the bottom of the page. But when we do not feature the product range in the heading, it must go in the bottom left-hand corner.
    You can find out more about where to position the signature in section Signature.

    X = VELUX logo height
    Y = VELUX wordmark = product range height

    Note icon Note:
    The signature can be any size under the body text.

    With product range in headline

    When a product range appears in the heading of an advertisement, it does not need to appear again at the bottom. In this case, you can place the signature next to the logo (as shown below).

    X = VELUX logo height
    Y = VELUX wordmark = signature height

    Find out more
    You can find out more about positioning the signature in section Signature.

    Incorrect use

    Don’t place product range next to logo

    Don’t use logo with descriptor. Only for markets with low product awareness

  • Signature

    The VELUX signature is a unique design element that conveys our brand promise: “Bringing light to life”. It is handwritten to show our commitment to our brand promise and express the caring, emotional side of our brand.

    The font was inspired by the handwriting of more than 500 VELUX employees who together speak more than 25 different ­languages. The English version of the signature (shown at the right) is the master version and can be used both internationally and locally.

    All authorised language versions can be downloaded from Search: components/illustrations/signature

    Find general rules on signature here

    The signature is available in a large format (above 150 mm) and a small format. Only authorised versions of the VELUX signature may be used. Do not use this font in any other VELUX applications.

    Although it is not mandatory, you can use the VELUX signature on any of your materials. In fact, we recommend you use it as often as possible. It reminds our customers of our promise: to bring them daylight and fresh air.

    Application on ads

    All VELUX advertisements and brochures are recommended to feature our signature. You can choose where to place it – as long as it fits below the body text.

    On an ad

    X = VELUX logo height
    Y = VELUX wordmark = height of signature

    On an ad

    X = VELUX logo height
    Y = VELUX wordmark = height of signature

  • Examples


    End users


Design resources

We have created some digital templates to help you when designing for the VELUX marketing site.

The templates are available for both Photoshop and Sketch and include our 12 column grid and our colours.

You can also download the VELUX Gothic font.