Design and decoration of the exhibition stand and modules, displays etc. must follow the Brand Identity Guide (BIG) regarding visuals, colours, fonts, images etc. If using external exhibition designers make sure to brief them thoroughly on all relevant elements in the BIG.

To support you with design and production, you can contact the Exhibition and Display team (XD) directly, find examples/reference cases of exhibitions, etc. here.

  • Product displays

    Because product displays are often the first opportunity our customers get to see our products, they are one of our strongest and most important communication tools and have a direct impact on product sales. This is where they experience the look and feel of our products, and build up an impression of who we are as a company.

    You can find available displays here.

    If you are in doubt please contact Brand Helpdesk on Yammer.
  • POS materials
    Decoration of POS materials must follow the BIG regarding visuals, colours, fonts, images etc. To support you we have designed and developed a number of POS materials fulfilling the BIG.

    You can find an overview of available POS Materials here.